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Our school can help with enrolment queries throughout the year.

Local enrolment area

Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. School Finder shows our local enrolment area. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.

How to enrol

Online Applications

The Online Enrolment System is designed to provide flexibility for our parents to submit an enrolment application online and at the time that best suits you. The application can be accessed on all browsers and mobile devices including iOS and Android. 

The online application process is currently restricted to:

  • Enrolments into local schools only
  • Children who are Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or permanent residents
  • Children who live in NSW.

Please click on the following link to start your online enrolment application

We offer our support and encourage you to complete your application to enrol online. If, however, you do not feel comfortable completing an application online, a paper copy will be available for collection from the front office or can be downloaded from the Department’s going to a public school site.

Further information about online enrolment can be found on our website here.

For more information, visit primary school enrolment or contact us to discuss your child’s enrolment.

To download an enrolment form please click on the link below

Application forms must be completed in English. However, a translated application to enrol may help you to fill out the form in English.

Non-local enrolments ( Out Of Area)

As outlined in the department's enrolment policy, our school may accept enrolments from outside our local enrolment area if places are available. Please click on the following PDF to download an Out of Area request form

Temporary visas and international students

For information about eligibility and forms to complete, visit the temporary residents program.

CRICOS Provider Name: NSW Department of Education
CRICOS Provider number: 00588M